What’s New With vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager 5.5

vSphere Replication 5.5 enhancements:

  • After failover you can choose to revert to a previous ‘known good point’.  For example, if you’ve done a failover either manually or via SRM and find out that the copy you’ve failed over to has something wrong, it’s as simple as browsing through the snapshot manager of a VM to choose a historical point to revert to.  Retain up to 24 historical “MPITs” with this new feature available in the configuration menu.
  • Multiple vSphere Replication Appliances per vCenter
  • Support for Storage vMotion
  • New User Interface Location
  • Support for vSAN and other Storage Service Classes
  • Dramatic Speed Improvement

Site Recovery Manager 5.5 enhancements:

  • Support for Storage vMotion and Storage DRS for Protected Objects
  • Support for vSphere Replication Multiple Point in Time historical snapshots
  • Support for vSAN (via vSphere Replication)

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