VMware vSphere 6: What to expect “VMware Doraemon”

VMware started its journey approx a decade before and now leading IT industry for best Visualization solution. In 2004 Launching VMware Virtual Center1.1  till today 2014 VMware vCenter Server 5.5Update, we have gone across many  changers in architecture which was accepted globally with a plus.

Eric Siebert has posted great blog on VMware release dates.

I guess VMware world 2014 will not come with VMware new version but more on Cloud, network and storage Virtualization and expecting a version change from 5 to 6 early next year. Just not a numbers but new enhancements in the product. Since we are in Cloud Era we can guess new capability with vsphere with inbuilt vCloud integrity or mini cloud for internal users with basic features. Few architecture change are expected with some tools like FT. VSAN and NSX will be star performer for coming session so that they can leverage high flexibility to virtual infra.

Coming year, vmware path with be jagged with rivals and VMware has to come up with the solution to continue their leadership. It’s a truth, VMware market share has gone down because of the offering from other vendors. Windows client relationships, which it has effectively leveraged to gain virtualization market share for Hyper-V. VMware loyal partners know the stability and scalability of the VMware solution which result as best Virtualization provider till date.

Guess for new release

  • Web Client will be full fledge console for accessing the VMware infra and desktop console will be limited going forward.
  • Support for other OS will be added like Chrome OS.
  • 2014 hottest topic is Mobile devices. We can ask expect vmware to access via app and VMware alert as mobile notifications. Though we already have such application in google pay but do not have much feature.
  • Most demanding is FT, hopefully with new architecture may come up with multiple vCPU and more resilience.
  • Inbuilt Cloud capability. Like IBM and other cloud provider they can provide the basic cloud deployment solution directly without any vcloud solution product for internal users
  • Snapshot and Clone with be extended and full support for Microsoft tools like Exchange and MS SQL.
  • HA will be enhanced with not only application but OS failure and better failover capabilities. HA can also work across the site in case  of no resource available.
  •  With new VMFS file system we can leverage more flexibility at datastore level like analyzing single LUN of datastore and removing of the LUN without impacting other LUNs.
  • Storage vMotion should be enhanced and Basic Storage API comes inbuilt.
  • EVC binderies will be extended and get rid for reboot.
  • vOps will be improved by more granular level of monitoring not only vCenter,ESXi,network but OS level. Some of the component will be inbuilt .

Let’s have the finger crossed and wait and watch.


8 thoughts on “VMware vSphere 6: What to expect “VMware Doraemon”

  1. Reblogged this on PattersonLabs.com and commented:
    Personally I’d like the web client to be all HTML 5, so it can be run from any compliant web browser. The flash stuff has to go.
    Multi vCPU FT would also be a good thing to have. How many operating systems really want to limit themselves to run on 1 vCPU anymore?
    And for the datastore… It would be nice to see more of the plug in space and let VMware just take ownership like VSAN and dole it out with redundancy like Hadoop, but across datacenters.

  2. What about the option to rename VMDK in one step through the client? Or even choose the name of the VMDK during VM build? Maybe better visibility into environment using Basic vCOPs like report of snapshots by age or size or VM. The SMB market needs more functionality in the existing product interface rather than relying on scripting or being forced to by more add-ons.

  3. Has anyone tried installing vcenter server 6.0 beta2 version? I keep getting these errors stUtil-1921160| I: ParseStatusFile: curr error msg: “An error occurred while invoking external commands: ‘ERROR: Return Value: 1, Stdout: , Stderr: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException

    at com.vmware.cis.services.cm.service.util.LsUtils.getSsoEndpointUrlByType(LsUtils.java:133)

    at com.vmware.cis.services.cm.service.util.LsUtils.getSsoAdminUri(LsUtils.java:84)

    at com.vmware.cis.services.cm.service.SecurityAgent.createSsoAdminClient(SecurityAgent.java:309)

    at com.vmware.cis.services.cm.service.SecurityAgent.(SecurityAgent.java:169)

    at com.vmware.cis.services.cm.service.util.CmSsoRegistrar.main(CmSsoRegistrar.java:87)

  4. You can Log a Support Request in the beta page. But i have not received any error while installation either Beta 1 or Beta 2 setup. Try downloading new binaries and install. Use fresh new OS without any AV.

  5. Adding for clarification:
    “EVC binderies will be extended and get rid for reboot.”
    As of 5.5 a “guest reboot” will not work when upgrading EVC, but instead each VM must fully power off, then power on to use new EVC features. Only requiring a reboot would be an improvement…

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