Microsoft Cluster using VMware

Microsoft Cluster feature for failover and increased availability of applications are really handy in case of VMware. As requested by Client we have deployed MS Clustering to avoid patching downtime. But much remember we are creating one more dependency of physical RDM disk.

In this blog I will only cover the MS cluster prerequisite at VMware level and little of MS Cluster

Vmware have given very simple doc for implementation Cluster Doc from VMware

What should be handy before we start.

  1. RDM Disk
    1. 1 GB for Quorum disk
    2. Other disk depend on your requirement.
  2. Failover Cluster role installed on both the servers.
  3. Private network for heartbeat.

Vmware have given very simple doc for implementation


Failover Cluster role installation on server.

We need to repeat the below step in the both the servers.

Go to server management>Add role and feature wizard


Select the destination Server



Select the Role Failover Clustering 3


Review the setting and install the roles.4a


Network configuration

Create new port group which has isolation from other network between the VM. In my case I was using slandered switch with IP hash configured with each NIC at 2000mbps.


Add the second nic for the VM and connect to respective port group.


in progress

Once the the network configuration is complete, next step starts with storage. We need to allocate the same disk to two different VM.


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