Month: August 2014

VMware vSphere 6.0 Beta Announced

VMware has Announced officially the launch of the vSphere 6 Beta. Little confused with the operation. Why Beta. Really Hardcore production environment go to beta. Still many professional environment prefer to work with most stable infra either 5 or 5.1.

There are many announcement done. like EVO:RAIL, will post in detail very soon. Keep eye on VMware world.



EVC Mode

EVC Mode in simple words, Enhanced vMotion Compatibility leverages us to migrate VM across different Processor families of same type.

For every infrastructure an eras come when they have mixture of old and new hardware. Since Client don’t what to get rid of existing/old infra, we need to make a compatibility between the old processor and new processor generation. We achieve by enabling EVC mode at Cluster level in VMware. So it provide the boundless assistance that we can use the same old hardware with new one without much difficulty.

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