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Part 1: Installing VMware NSX Appliance and configuration.

Hello everyone, welcome first series of NSX 6.1 installation and configuration with Best Practice. This series contain every steps involved for NSX deployment with screenshots. Since this installation is done in Lab environment we will try to include the all topics.

We all know NSX is key component for SDDC. Its a software based platform that provides logical network abstraction of the physical network and reproduces the entire network model in software allowing diverse network topologies to be created and provisioned in seconds.

In the regular infrastructure Physical hardware with hypervisor communicate with the physical router or switch to establish the connection and create any kind of rules.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.38.38 pm

NSX resides on the top of Virtualization layer. Like a server hypervisor allows the creation of software Virtual Machines, the NSX Network Hypervisor enables the creation of software Virtual Networks. These virtual networks can be created, saved, deleted, restored, just like virtual machines but for the network.

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