VMware vSphere 6

Finally VMware announced VMware vsphere 6.0. All the blogs are full of installation, configuration and many stuff. I decided to have a look to all the blogs and consolidate their efforts. VMware family is go big that its difficult to accommodate but it will continue to be in progress….

Let see few.

  1. Whats new !

Official document  from VMware Click

 Beautiful summary from Adam Eckerle Click

  1. Installing or upgrading to vCenter Server 6 best practices
  2. Installing or upgrading to ESXi 6 best practices
  1. VMware vSphere® 6 Release Notes

Click for Vmware official release note for version

  1. Required ports for vCenter Server 6
  2. ESXi 6 Installation Steps
  3. Installation of vCenter 6
  4. Upgradation from 5.x to 6
  5. Licensing ESXi 6.x and vCenter Server 6.x Click
  6. Most important: Certification !!! Click
  7. Others

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